Question:  Is there a minimum number of days of stay in renting a condo unit?

Answer:  Some Condo Unit Owners requires at least 15 days.  Some at least a week.  Others offer a different rate for short stay and another for long stay period.  There is no defined rule on this subject.  The agreement is closed as long as both parties agrees on the terms, conditions, and most of all, the price of the rent.  Unit renters are free to ask the Unit Owners about anything.

Question:  What are inclusive in my rental fee?  Do I need to pay extra for other things?

Answer:  There is no standard or canned agreement of rent or lease.  Different Unit Owners charge differently.  The RENTER should make everything clear based on the advertisement posted by the OWNER or ask the OWNER about the inclusions.  In most RENT Agreements, electricity is included but there is just a maximum number of kWHr.  Beyond the limit, the renter has to pay extra proportionate to the extra kWHr used.  In most cases, however, water is unlimited free to use.

Question:  Can we wash our clothes in the condo unit?  If not, is there an available laundry services?

Answer:  There are some units with washing and drying machines but most units has none.  Laundry services are being offered by several entities that can pick-up and deliver your laundry but there are also some do-it-yourself laundry services nearby.

Question:  How about food and water?

Answer:  Units in Grass Residences are equip with cooking stove and most hosts provide microwave ovens for reheating food.  All units have refrigerators to keep food fresh and safe.  But, since most renters are staying to relax and enjoy... many just order their food from online deliveries  (please see the advertisement page).  Some buy from food stores near the condo compound or from SM North EDSA mall where all types of restaurants and fast food stores are located.  For drinking water, there are water purifying stalls just outside the condo that offers free delivery.  Or you can also buy the same from the mall.

Question:  Is it true that cleaning the room is the obligation of the Renter?

Answer:  Yes.  Renting a condo unit is the same as renting an apartment unit but for a shorter period of time.  The cleaning of the room and even the laundry of the bed sheets and pillow cases are for the unit Renters to take care of.  In some cases, the unit owner provides some cleaning assistants to the renters but with extra charges (ask them).  The unit renters has to pay the room cleaners but the cost is just minimal.  Upon the termination of the contract, the Renter has to return the unit in the same good condition when he accepted it.

Question:  Besides the RENTAL FEE, is there anything else that the unit renter has to paextra?

Answer:  Unit Owners provides different Contract of Lease with different rates and coverage of payments.  It is expected that if the rental fee is high, the inclusions is more.  The following fees must be discussed by the renter and the owner, if included in the contracted amount to be paid by the renter or he needs to pay extra:  a)rent for the use of the room (definitely included), b)electricity (is it for unlimited use of the renter?  If not, what is the limitation of the paid electricity)  c)water usage,  d)condominium monthly dues for the building admin,  e)damaged or broken appliance or equipment,  f)Internet and/or CableTV fees, g)cleaning fee,  other hidden charges in the contract of lease.

Question:  Can we bring pets inside the condominium room?

Answer:  No pets allowed.

Question:  Is there a smoking area in the Grass Condominium compound?

Answer:  Yes, there is an assigned smoking area outside the building but still inside the Condo compound.  You can ask the guards about its location.

Question:  Can Renters allow guests to come in the room and sleep overnight?

Answer:  Primarily for security reasons, the condominium admin office requires Unit Owners to provide them a copy of the Contract of Lease between them and the Renters.  In the contract, all individuals (including infants and children) are listed so that only authorized people can enter the condo building and most especially the rooms.  If the renters will allow entry to the room to some visitors... such visitors must register with the lobby guards (at the ground floor) to document their entry for the safety of all people living in the building.  In the point of view of the unit owner, the abuse or over-use of anything inside the room is the main concern.  There is a set maximum number of people who are expected to use the room and its facilities during the duration of the lease contract.  Beyond that is a violation of the contract and the Unit Owner can charge extra to the renter.

Question:  Where can I meet my guests if they are not allowed to come up to my room?

Answer:  Guests can come up to your room if you allow them by telling the guards to let them to come inside.  But we suggest that if you can avoid bringing them in the room, use the reception area at the lobby of the building where you can talk to them comfortably.  In case, you need other place to talk in private, you can also use the lobbies of the other Grass Residences Buildings or Towers.  In case you want an outdoor setting, there are also tables and chairs beside the pools.

Question:  If I have a car, where can I park it?

Answer:  Parking spaces in most Condominium Parking Buildings are privately owned.  There are some owners who rent-out their parking spaces and you can ask about these from the building admin offices.  If you need to park just once and a private parking slot is not needed, there are dedicated public parking spaces with fee but they are on a first-come first-served basis.  There is no guarantee that a pay parking space is always available.  Most of the time, parking space is a problem in most condominium compounds.

Question:  In case of fire or earthquake, is there an emergency plan prepared for the residents or tenants?

Answer:  That's a serious point that must not be missed-out.  The building administration office regularly calls for a fire and earthquake drill.  Everyone in the building is encourage to join but not compulsory.  Such situations are being taken seriously by all people working in the condominium buildings and information is readily available for anyone from the admin office.

Question:  How do I book a condo unit through this website, 

Answer:  Here, in mycondo4rent, we make renting a condo unit more personal.  The customers directly talks, via messenger chat, sms or phone calls, to the unit owners.  They discuss the terms and conditions and finalizes everything and when they come to an agreement, payment is made between them.  Mostly payments are given upon check-in but sometimes a down-payment is required so the unit owner provides the options on how the money shall be sent to him (it can be by bank deposit, money transfers, or any other means that is available for both of them).  NOTE:  We do not advise sending full payment in advance for safety reason (make full payment upon check-in).  Also, make sure you keep a proof of sending payment like bank deposit or money transfer receipt. 

Question:  Can we pay using credit or debit cards?

Answer:  Unfortunately, unit owners do not have credit or debit card facilities like in hotels or motels.  Payments are required to be given to the unit owner upon check-in in exchange for the room keys.  It is recommended that the renter should prepare the CASH before reaching the condominium to check-in.

Question:  As of this time, only few condominiums are in your list.  Do you have plans to include other condominiums?

Answer:  Yes, that's the plan.  But we shall be selective in terms of quality of condominiums and locations.  We want our website to be the premium venue where unit owners and condo renters meet and match.