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How to place your FREE ads?

Accomplish and send to:

          The following conditions apply to all advertisements placed:

               1)  Only 20 pictures max are allowed for every free ads account.
                    Please send pictures of the actual condo units only (inside the room).  
                    Do not send pictures of the condo facilities for we have them already.
                    Indicate the tower number and the unit number on the name of each
                    picture file.

               2)  Kindly indicate the ROOM LAY-OUT TYPE for each room.  Select the                                  room lay-out type from the list on each condo page.  (example for
                     Grass Residences, choose from here)

               3)  Unit Owners shall provide his/her personal photo file and photos of
                     2 government issued IDs (license, passport, driver's license, etc.)
                     No ID, no ads.

               4)  The unit owner must also provide his/her cell phone numbers as 
                     well as his favorite email address.  These will be used to communicate                            with the prospect and regular customers.  

               5)  Download and accomplish the Ads Placement Form.

               6)  Send the accomplished form and all other requirements to us

               7)  Wait for your email receipt confirmation.  You can make a follow-up
                     every 2 days until you see your ads on our web site.